Inmate Clothing & Books

Within the first fourteen (14) days of incarceration, inmates are permitted to receive 3- white pairs of socks, 3- white pocket-less t-shirts, 3- white pairs of underwear and 3- white wireless bra's. These items must be shipped to the facility from a distributor such as Walmart, Amazon, Kmart, etc. After the fourteen (14) day period, inmates will only be permitted to purchase these items from the inmate commissary system.

 Inmates are permitted to receive books in the mail from the publisher or distributor only. The following restrictions apply to magazines, newspapers, periodicals, books and letters:

• can not cause a security concern;

• can not contain instructions for the manufacture of explosives, drugs or other unlawful substances or devices;

can not deal with escape, disappearing, etc.;

can not advocate violence, in general, or within the institution;

can not advocate racial, religious or national hatred;

• is contrary to legitimate penological interests;

can not contain sexually explicit material or photographs;

can not contain stickers, postage stamps or pre-paid stamped envelopes;

can not contain polaroid pictures;

can not contain musical devices, metal objects, hard substances, food or any other item which is not pictorial form;

can not contain anything that would have to be destroyed to be properly screened;

can not contain oversized objects (i.e. larger than 8 ½ by 11 inches);

can not contain third party correspondence


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