Juvenile Probation


To hold juveniles referred to our department accountable for offenses committed, protect the safety of the juvenile and community, and restore the victim in each case.


Referrals are received from local Law Enforcement, District Justices, and surrounding Counties.

We also provide courtesy supervision for juveniles residing in Warren County from another state.

Types of Probation

  • Intensive Probation
  • Intensive Drug & Alcohol
  • Aftercare/Intensive Probation
  • School-Based Probation
  • Community Service/Restitution

Programs Operated By Juvenile Probation

  • Students’ Accountability in The Community Program
  • ISS / OSS Study Group
  • JAIBG / WASU Program
  • State Police / County Car Wash
  • Bike Trail Litter Pick-up
  • Court House Cleaning
  • County Community Service Program
  • Electronic Monitoring
  • Drug Screening