Fee Schedule

Please note that there may be fees associated with copies of requested records. Copies will not be provided until you have paid the applicable fee. In a few instances (such as a request for a deed), the fees will be determined by a statute other than the Open Records Law.


Page SizeCost per side
8.5 by 11 inches$0.25
11 by 14 inches$0.25
11 by 17 inches$0.25
18 by 24 inches$1.50
24 by 36 inches$3.00

Facsimile Transmission

Number of PagesCost (includes photocopy cost)
1 to 2$2
3 to 6$4
7 or more$4, plus $0.025 per page over 6 pages

Certification of a Record

  • $1 per Record (not per page) (does not include notarization                            


Fees for postage/shipping will be assessed at actual cost.