Tax Relief & Redevelopment Act (LERTA)


In late 2018, the Redevelopment Task Force finalized a report (PDF) that provided an overview of recommendations to the Warren County Board of Commissioners to expand and promote redevelopment. One of the initiatives outlined in the report was the concept of expanding residential and commercial tax abatement programs so that citizens and business owners could adjust, build and expand their properties and have their taxes remain flat for some period of time (rather than being immediately re-assessed). This would provide a major incentive for people to redevelop their properties in Warren County.

Commissioner Jeff Eggleston, the chairman, and architect of the Redevelopment Task Force took the concept to the Warren County C.O.G. (Council of Governments) and the Warren County School Board and both entities were supportive. Since then he and the County Solicitor, Nathaniel Schmidt, have been working diligently with the participating taxing bodies to move the project forward. The goal is to have all interested municipalities, the County, and the School District lined up and have their various ordinances and resolutions passed by November of 2019. 

Click here to view the original summary document (PDF) which gives an overview of the program.

Map Showing Municipalities Moving Forward with Residential and Commercial Tax Abatement Programs

List of Draft Ordinances

The following list of ordinances is in draft form, not final, and is for the municipalities who’ve signed on to the program. None of these are final and are listed here for public review prior to adoption by their respective municipalities.

List of Passed Ordinances

These ordinances have been passed by their respective municipalities. They will not take effect until the School District passes similar resolutions for the LERTA programs.

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