Provides case management services to preserve and stabilize families, protect children at risk of child abuse/neglect and assure safe, permanent homes for children. Services performed by a caseworker are designed to protect children at risk of abuse/neglect, preserve and stabilize families whenever possible, and assure safe permanent homes for children.  Direct case management of cases accepted for service by the county agency include the following services: developing family service plans and revising the service plans as required by the case review process, making appropriate referrals for children and families to providers for assessments, services, and/or placements, assuring that services are provided as required by family service plans, taking responsibility for the child’s placement and care, filing petitions or motions with the court, as needed, the completion of assessments to determine the risk of current and future abuse and neglect of the open child, maintaining confidentiality in regards to consumer information and records in accordance with governing regulations and laws, investigating neglect reports on open cases, performing home visits as required by regulations, documenting case activity through records, case histories, correspondence, and reports applicable to policies and procedures, modeling appropriate parenting and life skills when meeting with children and families, and supervising visitations between child and family members.   In addition, there is the management of cases that are “shared” with the Juvenile Probation Department due to dependency issues identified by the Juvenile Probation and Intake Departments. (this list is not all-inclusive, it is an example of some of the services performed by the department)