Family Group Decision Making (FGDM)

FGDM is a family-driven, strength-based approach to developing a plan to address concerns within the family.  The process is voluntary to families and free of cost to participants currently working with Warren County Children and Youth. Services performed by a caseworker are designed to empower families to work together for the purpose of providing a safe, secure environment, free from abuse and neglect for the children by providing services such as:  meeting with families to ensure they understand about the FGDM process and the roles and responsibilities for a successful conference, working with the caseworker to develop a meeting purpose that is clear and motivates everyone to attend, helping the family identify who to invite to the conference, sending out the invitations for the conference and ensuring that participants are prepared and understand the purpose of the meeting and their roles and responsibilities, facilitation of Family Group Decision Making Conferences, completion of required paperwork, documentation of conference in family’s service plan, facilitation of any follow up conferences, recruitment of community meeting places for conferences, and educating the community regarding the Family Group Decision Making process. (this list is not all-inclusive, it is an example of some of the services performed by the position)